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        DWI Facts

In most Texas DWI cases, there are 3 pieces of evidence open to one interpretation of the law, include breath test/chemical tests  were the regulations followed?
What is the validity due to lack of regulations? 

What Can I Do to
Save My License?

Fight to save your license! If you drive after losing your license, you face substantial penalties.

What Happens After
A DWI / DUI Arrest?

There are usually both Motor Vehicle and Court Proceedings.

Lawyer Mistakes 

The Top 10 Mistakes Attorney's make in Drunk Driving Cases

How To Avoid Them


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Frequently Asked Questions in Texas DWI Cases

1. Will I be able to get my case dismissed because I was not read my rights?

Probably not. But if you were interrogated after being placed in custody, your statements can not be used against you.

2. Will I go to jail?

An experienced attorney may be able to keep you out.

3. I have three serious offenses within ten years, what will happen?

The third DWI is most likely a felony and you could spend up to 10 years in prison and receive a $10,000.00 fine.

4. What is the effect of a second DWI conviction within five years of a prior conviction on my drivers license?

Your drivers license can be suspended for one year without the ability to get an occupational drivers license.

5. How many hours of alcohol classes will I have to take?

Plan on at least 24-48 hours of alcohol classes and any where from 48-80 or more hours of community service.

6. What will happen if I do not complete the classes or public service ordered by the Court?

You will go to jail and if you do not complete the alcohol classes and your license will be suspended.

7. I lost my Texas license. May I obtain a license in another Texas?

In most cases, no.

8. If I obtain an international driver's license, may I drive in Texas, even though my Texas license is revoked?


9. Am I a bad person, because I was arrested for DWI?

No, but you are well advised never, never smell like alcohol while behind the wheel.

10. What if I burped within twenty minutes of blowing?

The breath machine may have read alcohol from your stomach rather than you lungs. The result may be incorrect. A similar problem occurs with dentures.

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