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      NCDD National College for DUI Defense: Stephen L. Hamilton

        DWI Facts

In most Texas DWI cases, there are 3 pieces of evidence open to one interpretation of the law, include breath test/chemical tests  were the regulations followed?
What is the validity due to lack of regulations? 

What Can I Do to
Save My License?

Fight to save your license! If you drive after losing your license, you face substantial penalties.

What Happens After
A DWI / DUI Arrest?

There are usually both Motor Vehicle and Court Proceedings.

Lawyer Mistakes 

The Top 10 Mistakes Attorney's make in Drunk Driving Cases

How To Avoid Them


Texas Criminal Defense Trial Attorneys

DWI / DUI / White Collar Crime / Felony Assault / Drugs

At Stephen L. Hamilton, P.C., the attorneys practice in all areas of criminal law. These areas include: Factual investigation; grand jury representation; Pre-trial and plea bargaining issues; Jury and Bench trials; and, if necessary any and all available areas of Appeals.

Our motto is that "Winning Isn't Luck...It's Knowing How to Fight." We handle all types of criminal case including misdemeanors, felonies and probation revocations. We handle cases ranging from traffic tickets to first degree cases. We practice in city, county and federal courts.


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Intoxicated manslaughter -

Assault -

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Possession of drugs - Drug manufacturing -

Forgery -

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Bank Fraud -

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Injury to child/ elderly/ disabled -

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