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In most Texas DWI cases, there are 3 pieces of evidence open to one interpretation of the law, include breath test/chemical tests  were the regulations followed?
What is the validity due to lack of regulations? 

What Can I Do to
Save My License?

Fight to save your license! If you drive after losing your license, you face substantial penalties.

What Happens After
A DWI / DUI Arrest?

There are usually both Motor Vehicle and Court Proceedings.

Lawyer Mistakes 

The Top 10 Mistakes Attorney's make in Drunk Driving Cases

How To Avoid Them

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Texas Criminal Defense Trial Attorneys

DWI / DUI / White Collar Crime / Felony Assault / Drugs

Criminal defense cases such as DWI, drunk driving, jail release, driving while intoxicated In West Texas, the law office of Stephen L. Hamilton, P.C. provides criminal defense in all areas of criminal law. Including but not limited to: DWI /DUI, Intoxicated assault, Intoxicated manslaughter, assault, white-collar-crime, possession of drugs, drug manufacturing, forgery, parole revocations, robbery, mail fraud, bank fraud, theft, harassment, Injury to child / elderly / disabled.

When you've been arrested for any type of crime in Lubbock or any part of West Texas and you don't think it's fair, you need a lawyer who can protect your rights...make sure you're treated fairly...and who knows how to get results. You've just found that lawyer.

     We understand that you're probably feeling confused, angry, or somewhat fearful about what's happened to you. The process of being arrested, taken to jail, fingerprinted, and photographed was probably very dehumanizing to you. We sincerely sympathize with that.

     To be honest with you--you're faced with a charge which can have serious outcomes. We don't want to scare you, but let us give you a glimpse of what's in store for you. If your case goes the wrong way you could lose your license . . . your insurance could go up or be canceled . . . you could face substantial fines, it could hurt you when you apply for a job, and you could even go to jail.

     Plus, it doesn't end there. A conviction is something that could haunt you for many years to come, even hurting you when you apply for a job.

     Also, as of September 1, 2003 anyone convicted of driving while intoxicated ( DWI ) in Texas must pay a "surcharge" of $1,000.00 a year for three years to keep their Texas driver license.

     A second DWI will cost $1,500.00 a year for three years, and if a person every has a blood-alcohol content of 0.16 or more, as determined by a breathalyzer or a blood test, then they must pay $2,000.00 per year for three years to keep their Texas driver license.

We'll Help You Keep Your License and Your Freedom

     We know you're fearful about what might happen to you, but we'd like you to know that there's a good chance we can help. Did you know that there are at least 20 possible challenges that can be made to the charges you are facing? We can raise applicable ones for you so your case is as strong as possible.

     Sure, we can just fill out the forms and talk to the District Attorney, but in many cases the best choice is to fight. That's the kind of case we focus on.

     Our goal is to get you off, to keep your record clean, and to prevent you from losing your freedom and your license to drive. You see . . . our practice is based on the belief that you were arrested when you shouldn't have been.

     At the very least, we'll make sure that you're being treated fairly.

     The District Attorney prosecutes these types of cases all day. He knows--and is willing to use against you--all of the fine legal points that are available to him.

     The law says that he only needs to prove that after drinking you were not able to drive your car safely or that your blood alcohol exceeds a certain limit. That sounds pretty cut and dried, but it's not quite as simple as that.

     You see, if challenged, the DA also has to show that the arresting officer made the arrest properly, that you were properly advised of your rights, that the equipment he used to test you was working accurately, and even that the person operating that equipment was certified to operate it. If he gets information which may prove you innocent, an attorney can make him give you that information also.

Get The Legal Help You Need

     That's where we come in. We know how and where to make the proper motions which force the DA to prove that all the steps used in your arrest were done properly. If they weren't, then his case is weakened.

     We can't promise you that we'll be successful because each case is unique. Maybe the judge assigned to your case is more lenient on drunk driving cases, or maybe he is harsher on them. Maybe there are some things distinctive to your case which are important. However, all things being equal, you'll find that we are well-skilled and that we fiercely protect your rights.

     When you retain us you'll get expert legal help from an attorney who knows how to guide your case through the complexities of the legal system because we've done it numerous times. You'll be certain you are being treated fairly by the judicial system because we'll insist:

Attorney/Lawyer - Fort Worth Texas that the District Attorney provide us with the name and address of anyone he plans to
         call as a witness, as well as copies of every written or recorded statements of their
         testimony. This will allow us to the kind of questions that can weaken the state's case
         against you.
Attorney/Lawyer - Fort Worth Texas that the DA provide us with any information or material he has which would show that
         you are not guilty of the charges against you, or which may help you get a lighter
Attorney/Lawyer - Fort Worth Texas on receiving copies of records showing that the equipment used for tests was
         functioning properly, and that the person giving the tests was properly certified.
Attorney/Lawyer - Fort Worth Texas on proof that you were advised of all of your rights. If you weren't, the DA's case may be

     We talk to the District Attorney beforehand to get him to produce his proof and let him know that we will be contesting in court all these points we mentioned. When his case is challenged, he has to take a lot of time producing this material and witnesses.

     As you can see, what looks simple gets pretty complex. As your attorneys we will look into all of these things for you so that you will have the best possible case.

     Actually, there is more, but we don't have space here to tell you all of it.

     You're probably like most people arrested for a DWI. You don't really know the right thing to do about it, and you don't know whether or not you can win if you contest your arrest.

     For both of these reasons, for both of these reasons we offer a free consultation to give you the additional information we just mentioned and to review your case.

     If you would like to meet with us, we will be happy to set up an appointment with you. That way you'll be able to learn all you need to know about your situation. This conference which would normally cost $250 is free to you, will last about an hour, and there is no further obligation at all. In fact, until you agree, in writing, to hire us, you will never owe us any money.

     To arrange for your free consultation, you can call and leave a message 24 hours a day. we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here's How We'll Protect Your Rights

     When we talk, we will analyze the facts of your case, give you my opinion about it, and discuss my approach to it. We'll explain how we'll protect your legal rights, what your options are, and how the whole judicial process works, so you'll know exactly what happens.

     Plus, you'll learn how we will guide you through the court system and how we'll champion your rights, using all my ingenuity and the options in the legal system to defend and protect you.

     For example, we'll review the Complaint against you . . . the steps which were used to conduct the chemical and roadside tests against you to determine if they are valid . . . and we'll show you how the police officer's testimony can be discredited.

     We will also tell you about my fees. Anything you tell us during this and all other meetings will be confidential, whether or not you retain us.

Personalized Attention. We'll return your phone calls promptly, keep you informed, and answer all questions to help you put the pieces back together.

     Experience. Since 1998 we've helped people just like you. Aggressiveness. While we accept peaceful settlements, we take a tough stance to protect you. So, if you want an attorney you can talk to, who understands what you want, who is interested in you and your situation, and who fights to get you results, call us today at 806-794-0394 for your free consultation.    


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